Sunday, 22 November 2009

Inverse Mandelbulb Pixel Mapping in Flash

When we map the 2d Mandelbrot Set we normally colour a pixel depending on the rate at which that point tends to infinity on some colour scale. In 3D normally this wouldn't work - where you have solid objects you'd be changing their colour internally. But since we are looking at cross sections using the voxel renderer it is actually very doable. Here are a few examples:

Remember that the inverse is being mapped. I really like the effect, and its definitely nice to add some colour to the dull grey images of the previous post.

Its like looking into a three dimensional cave of fractal goodness. Another possibility would be to use transparent pixels and change transparency levels. I will give this a go next as it would allow the whole shape to be seen externally, with colour (possibly? we'll see!)  Anyway click here to see all this fractal goodness happening in real time in flash using AS3! Enjoy

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