Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Ported Mandelbrot Explorer for Flash AS3

Hi everyone - I've got some very very exciting news!

I've made a flash version of the project I've been working on at uni with export functionality.

Click here to launch it

The features list is as follows:

Colour Settings
 -> Red, Green, Blue
 -> Greyscale
 -> 3 types of multicoloured rendering

Form Settings
 -> Classic Mandelbrot
 -> Conjugate Mandelbrot
 -> Absolute Mandelbrot
 -> Imaginary Absolute Mandelbrot
 -> Real Mandelbrot

Dimension Settings
 -> 2,3,4,5,6

Preview Image
 -> 150px by 120px

Output Image
 -> png format
 -> 400-2000 width, 300-2000 height

Panning and Zoom - outputted location to interface.

Rendering is never more than about 20seconds even for 2000x2000 pixels on my 2GHz 2GB iMac which is pretty good considering its flash!

Here is a little render of a Burning Ship Fractal at (-1.88480, -0.00041) with a zoom of 126988x. Just click to view it full size!


  1. Very nice! Way more exciting than what I had done with Ruby and Rails and OFC in this post: How to draw Mandelbrot's fractal with Rails and Open Flash Chart?

    Next step is to make a 3D explorer ;-) like these pictures:

  2. 3d Explorer sounds like an amazing idea - I'm not sure how the Mandelbrot Set works in 3d? Do you find the faces of the Mandelbrot with some new dimension with similar rules to the imaginary plane?

    I'll look into it though! Thanks for the links :)

  3. Wow I love that Mandelbulb stuff - have to program it now! haha