Monday, 11 October 2010

Some more ray tracer features

Here are a few more demos of new raytracer features:

Water (with transparency and reflection):

Environment and Texture Mapping:

Fog - Linear, Square and Exponential decay

Visible Lights (ideal for rendering sunlight, lamps etc):

Soft Lighting (one soft light with 10 seeds - therefore only noticable on some shadows):

Triangular Faces:

Transparency (with refraction, internal reflection etc):

A few more features are on their way (including UV mapping, environment mapping, and Fresnel shaders) and once those features are finished I will release the library.


  1. Great work, Sam! It is the BEST ray tracer in flash I've ever seen!

  2. Hi Bruce, thanks a lot! Have you tried out the beta of the library yet?

  3. cool stuff!
    How about soft shadows ?

  4. Soft shadows are already in the library, although I agree the image above doesn't show them very well, check out this link for a better example.

    Actually as opposed to soft shadows I use soft lighting, which pretty much has the same effect. It does increase render time a lot though..