Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Fractals And The Mandelbrot Set In Nature!

Recently I have been working a lot on fractal programming, here are a few examples (just click the images to view their respective articles):

Anyway, I just had a browse to see what kinds of examples I could find of fractals present in nature and some of the images I found were unbelievable! Just check out some of the images below (click for full size). I find the images of rivers and streams are the closest in appearance to the Mandelbrot set, although some other patterns are also found, like the spiral shape of the tornado.

Coastal Fractal

Cauliflower Fractal

River Fractals

Tornado Fractal

Cactus Fratal

I'll leave you with a thought - Is the mathematics intrinsic to nature and nature has arisen because of it, or is the way we see mathematics dependant what exists in the natural world?

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  1. My intuition says that math existed first and matter aligns itself with the base rules of mathematics. 1+1 is 2 and I cannot conceive of anything that would change that fact but that doesn't mean it's true. Jewish Mysticism includes Gematria which is the study of numbers as they are associated to their alphabet. They go on to purport that God is the ultimate mathematician.