Monday, 5 October 2009

Flash CS5

I thought I'd just post a quick blog about some news regarding the release of Adobe CS5. Just check out the CS5 blog for a bit more information! Here is a video of Richard Galvan discussing the release, and some of it's features at Flash on the Beach in Brighton last month. Its looking very cool.

Adobe Flash CS5 Viper presented on FOTB 2009! - from Adobe CS5

While I'm on the topic of Adobe Product Endorsement haha, I thought I'd let you all know about Flash Catalyst. For those of you who aren't programmers but want to get started on some flash based websites or interactive applications, check it out. There is a beta 2 release currently downloadable from the Adobe website, and it looks really good!

Update: Some really big news on CS5 (actual flash, and not catalyst). Instead of just being able to export .swf you will be able to export .ipa! iPhone apps created entirely in flash. This is incredible news!

So excited, waiting for the beta to be released, check out a preview here

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