Monday, 5 October 2009

Fluid Dynamics using AS3

As a physicist I find things like this incredible. Fluids are extremely complex mathematically, so when I came across Eugine Zatepuakin's work on fluid dynamics I was amazed by the speed and accuracy of the simulations!

Just click the right image for a full preview, you'll be blown away! When I've got a bit more time I'll write a thread explaining how fluid dynamics simulations work, and explain the basic principles of coding something like this in flash, but for now check it out!

Move your mouse around to create dense regions and click to change the rendering mode. I love that flash is capable of handling these kinds of calculations. I remember playing a game called plasma pong which used very similar fluid dynamics to Eugine's model. Unfortunately the game is no longer available for download because pong is a trademark of Atari but here is a nice little video of the game in action.

Here is a little youtube clip of the game, just click to launch it! :)


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