Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Some incredible renders of the Buddhabrot and Nebulabrot

I'm working on implementing buddhabrot/nebulabrot rendering in the Mandelbrot Explorer application. The buddhabrot - so named because it resembles the classic statue of Buddha - is a more beautiful version of the Mandelbrot, and the Nebulabrot is a slight variation on this.

The idea is that regions that escape the Mandelbrot set are plotted as they head off to infinity. The colour of each point depends on how often that point is seen to head off to infinity. Here are a few images - I can't wait to get a working demo - it does run very slowly in flash at the moment so I'll try and sort that out. Click on the images to expand them!

The nebulabrot uses a rendering Method that is exactly the same as the way false colour is applied to images of the universe by astrophysicists. The resemblance is phenomenal!

Enjoy them and I'll post a flash generator soon!

(Images are: Buddhabrot, Anti-buddhabrot, Nebulabrot, Nebulabrot horizontal)

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