Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Nitrome - Some featured games!

I've been getting really addicted to games by Nitrome recently, a flash game company based in London, England. I thought I'd feature a few of my favourites on the site.

First is Snot Put, a cute and equally gross take on the shot put event where you have to swing the main character as fast as you can in a circle, the aim of the game being to throw it as far as you can. Its a small game, but the physics are good and its really addictive!

Snot Put - by Nitrome

Next is Twin Shot 2, a new instalment from the design team. This game is beatifully made, and has done an incredible job of recreating the magic of games like Bubble Bobble in the late 80s and early 90s. From start to finish the character and level design is gorgeous, the music is great and not at all repetitive, there are loads of levels (including a bonus pack of 50).

Twin Shot 2 - by Nitrome

As always just click the thumbnails to play or you can catch them on facebook on The Game Portal.

I'm sure you'll love these ones, Enjoy!

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