Friday, 10 September 2010

Visual Human Interfaces

Making human interfaces intuitive, simple and accurate is a huge challenge. Some of the biggest challenges lie in the field of motion and gesture detection. Analysing visual data in real time can be very processor intensive.

This is a fairly simple implementation of an interface which has the ability to track on screen button presses and swipes (it is part of an ongoing research project):

Click to launch a demo video:


  1. Wow Sam, that is very cool.
    Mr McAll

  2. Thanks! Minority report is here, without the silly gloves! Doing this stuff for a company in california which is very exciting.

    How is life in the States?

  3. Very cool!! can you please teach me how to do this? please...

  4. Hello, it's really cool!!
    I'm from Hong Kong. Now I'm doing final year project for my study.
    Could you tell me how to do this?
    I do need your help....
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    Could you please contact me?

    Thank you so much..!!!!!!

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  5. Hi ! i'm in my college project can u help me how do this too?


  6. Hello there, good day to you. I would like to learn this motion detection thing. I do have the same concept for my college final year project. I need a better guide. If your not that busy. Would you please contact me? here is my email,
    Thank you.

  7. Good morning Sam,

    I am Brazilian and student of computer engineering. I started a short time undergraduate research involving industrial automation and augmented reality. I found very interesting publication. This example you posted was done in java? Could you tell me which tutorial was using or where to find such source code model and example for me to learn? If not ask for more, reply by email:

  8. Morning sam, i love this project... help me please send this project to my email to

  9. hello i'm making virtual piani who work same type as your sistem can you halp me to making clavish like yous buttons my email