Saturday, 9 May 2009

AS3 Music Visualizer using flashes new spectrum analyzer

Turn your speakers up for this one! I've been playing around with the bitmap class and particle effects a lot recently and have been coming up with some interesting often unexpected effects. This is a perfect example of trying to do one thing and creating something completely different. Initially I was trying to create a flocking model using bitmap data. Along the lines of the 1980s computer program boids. I wanted the particles to follow the position of the mouse, but after a slightly flawed line of code, they ran away from the mouse instead. Having played with the spectrumAnalyze function a few days previously I thought it would be interesting to make the particles "run" away from mappings of the spectrum values, instead of the mouse. With 30,000+ particles and a blur filter I made the following. (Sorry if it takes a while to load! - click the image below to load it...)

The potential in flash to create on the fly music visualizers is now bigger than ever. I have seen some fantastic ones floating around on the internet, I just wish the spectrumAnalyze function worked with microphone inputs!!! Maybe next release eh?

here is a slightly different version of the visualizer, see what you think... (For some reason the music doesn't work with this one, don't know why that is.....


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  1. This is cool. Any chance you'll share the source? :)
    thank you