Wednesday, 30 December 2009

My Fluid Dynamics Engine in AS3

This post and my recent experiments have been inspired largely by the work of Eugene Zatepyakin and that of Jos Stam on fluid dynamics.

Jos Stam's article on fluid dynamics for games started it all, having a similar effect on this area of research as Thomas Jakobsen's article had on the use of Verlet Integration in physics engines. The beauty of the fluid solver is that it provides a computationally quick and stable approach to simulation of fluid dynamics, which can be easily expanded into 3 dimensions and used to solve many more advanced problems.

Eugene Zatepyakin was the next step in the chain creating a fast engine in AS3 which I talked about in a previous post. I decided to write my own version of the engine and here it is:

The first example shows 4000 particles floating around in the simulated fluid - just click on it to launch to flash file - once it is running click and drag to make the fluid move.

The second example shows the pressure grid being used as a displacement filter for the image below. This starts to add a bit of realism and creates a more three dimensional feel.

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