Tuesday, 15 December 2009

New Raytracer Features

I've been working on this now that term is over. The features I've added are diffuse shadows - multiple directional lighting - and box rendering. Here are a few renders. In order they show a low resolution diffuse shadow render, a high resolution render with a cube, and a high resolution render without global lighting with two point lights:

And here is a render I like with 4 lights:

Update: Deciding to take the whole concept a bit further and show you that the ray tracer is not just good for rendering spheres and cubes I rendered a really simple office scene of some description - here it is:

Update: Finally started looking at reflections. I've got the maths bit of it sorted. Just got to look at the way I'm structuring my code to help it make a bit more sense. Here is my first result, to show that the angles work!

Update: Same again but this time with 50 or so spheres floating around in the sky - and a reflective floor. Nice to see it almost working!

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