Thursday, 7 July 2011

Colour Wheel - HSV Colour Space

I've just been playing around with colour wheels and colour representation in flash. I had a think about whether it was possible to represent every single colour in the RGB spectrum on a single 2D image. Closer inspection reveals that it isn't possible because RGB is made up of three components - red, green and blue - and therefore needs three dimensions. This is why if you look up different colour representations on Wikipedia you might see them represented by cones, or cubes. I decided to work in the HSV colour space which is  formed of Hue (rotation), Saturation (The amount of colour compared to black/white) and Value (Essentially the brightness). The resulting colour wheel can be seen below:

Just click on the image to launch the app. By rolling over the wheel the colour in the box will show the selected colour. Use the up/down arrow keys to alter the "V" value of the wheel. This should allow you to view a complete (discrete) representation of every colour in the RGB spectrum. 

If you're interested in source code just click here to download the FlashBuilder project and AS files. Enjoy!

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