Friday, 9 July 2010

2D Dynamic Lighting - well almost

I had a nice idea to create a 2D dynamic lighting experiment, where various light sources could be moved round and cast shadows in real time. I got started on the experiment and created a class to hold a coloured light source and then I got a little too excited by some of the pretty generative artwork I was making and decided to change the purpose of the experiment. I'll briefly explain how the light sources work. A light source is made up of a point, a colour and a falloff rate. By measuring the distance from each light source in an image, and summing the light values at those points it is simple to calculate the light intensity at each point in the image. Here are some results (just click to run the app):

Some of the effects remind me of binary star systems. Here are 2 more apps showing real time moving light sources with various effects:

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