Saturday, 6 March 2010

Simple 3D Music Visualizer

Just played around a bit with the 3D fluid dynamics thing I made a few days ago. I added some computeSpectrum functionality using the Flash 10 audio features and created a very basic music visualizer. I'm not entirely happy with it but its worth a post, just click to start it up (the song might take a while to load):

The song is "Rabbit In Your Headlights" by Unkle, enjoy!


  1. Hi Sam, love to see this, but i get a Security sandbox violation...
    I'm using the WIN 10,1,51,95 Debug player on Chrome.

  2. oh.. computeSpectrum() is causing it

  3. Hi TheMadC,

    I've changed the movie to allow the correct domain, it should hopefully work now!! If not I'm not sure what it could be! Good to see you on the blog!


  4. Hi Sam, i've had a look around the great interwebs and apparently there's a security issue with flash. You're not allowed to access sounds with computeSpectrum when there's another flash playing in another tab or window. I had a radiostream playing in another window. Killing it solved the problem. So the only thing you could do (not saying you should imediately update it ;-) is use a try-catch block and let viewers know.
    Anyway, I've seen it now, great stuff!
    Happy coding, grtz! Cors

  5. Thanks a lot for that tip! Its really odd that adobe would choose to do that! Can't think of any advantage from a security standpoint.

    Glad you like it! I think its a bit slow, could be made more interesting if it wasn't just on a square plane, I might have a play around with it but I have a lot of Uni work I should be focussing on right now! Damn my programming obsessions haha!