Wednesday, 24 February 2010

OBJ Vertex Renderer

Just a really simple and quick experiment, to see if I could load a Wavefront .obj file into a flash movie and render the vertex co-ordinates in real time, in three dimensions. Just click the image below to launch the experiment. The object contains about 30,000 vertices, and these are simply transformed from 3D to 2D space and displayed using bitmap data. This is nowhere near as complicated as my prior attempt at a 3D engine, but I decided to make performance more of an issue this time. It does run at full frame rate quite happily on my computer. Let me know about your experiences.

The next step is an edge renderer (wireframe), then a face renderer. We'll see how high the performance can stay. Obviously the ideal case is a high quality raytrace in real time with shadows, reflections and more, but lets not kid ourselves.

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