Monday, 22 June 2009

Mochiads and Mindjolt

I have never made money out of the games and experiments that I have created over the years. In fact I had absolutely no idea how to get ads at the beginning of your games. Last week I stumbled across Mochiads, a service which does exactly that.

It provides an API and hosting service for games which includes relevant adverts at the front of your games, in a similar way to google ads works, for a small percentage of any revenue gained from advertisers and sponsors. Mochiads also distributes your games to its many partners, for example among others. In the last week I have had 30,000 plays of my games, and although I'm sure thats not a huge amount its nice to see people the world over playing your games. The amount of revenue for this number of plays is tiny, but there are ways I have found of improving this. You only make money from adverts which are not skipped. Of my 30,000 I found only 1/5 of these weren't. So for 6000 unskipped plays I made about $1.50. After a bit of research I came across the Mindjolt developer page, and found people were increasing there plays to about 40,000 unskipped plays a day (After some simple maths thats about $12 a day) which isn't too shabby.

If a popular game could maintain this for a long time, or if several quick to make games could maintain a fraction of this it would be quite a nice steady source of income. Not $1000s or anything but a nice little bit extra to pay for the odd pint here and there.

Below is an example of seesaw, a little game I made last night. The increased loading time due to the slightly larger file size has definitely increased the unskipped plays. In the few hours since I published it early this morning it has already had 400 plays and I'm going to estimate it will peak at about 4000 plays a day and level off at about 800 (about $00.10 a day indefinately). This is without the massive traffic from Minjolt but unfortunately the games approval wait is lengthy (about a month) so I have a few in the pipeline which will generate more revenue in the future.

Just press below to try out Seesaw...

Flash 10 demo

Try out both mochiads and mindjolt anyway. In my opinion they are both invaluable tools.



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